Handicraft tours

Sanat Travel Experts offers the great variety of Handicraft tours to Uzbekistan with a full package of additional services. We offer different and unique creative work of Uzbek craftsmen and masters of Applied Arts. During our tours with accent to Uzbek Art, we will introduce you with suzane embroidery masters of Shahrizabz and Bukhara, ceramic schools of Gijduvan and Rishtan (Fergana valley), Silk and Wool carpets schools of Samarkand, Bukhara and Khiva. All this schools are kept their secrets for centuries.

Uzbekistan Art Tours: distinctive features

Culture and Art of Uzbekistan is one of the unique and brightest in the East.

In the period of Great Silk Road, modern territory of Uzbekistan was a crossroad between the countries of East and West. Trade and cultural exchange were the main drivers of prosperity.

As a result, unique national music, dances, painting along with cuisine and clothes are developed for the centuries.

During your trip, you will enjoy our beautiful nature and view exciting architect sites. However, the highlights will be your visits to the art and craft centers of Uzbekistan.

We hope you will be satisfied and pleasantly impressed with cultural aspect and provided services!