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Sanat Travel Experts offers the most «appetizing» tours for every guests of our country. You will be pleasantly surprised with our Gastronomic tours to Uzbekistan with the whole number of attractive proposals. Multifaceted types of Uzbek Plov, hot baked bread, dough dishes with centuries-old secrets.

Gastronomical tours to Uzbekistan – In Harmony with the Taste

What can you expect from gastronomical tours to Uzbekistan? Of course, we arranging gastronomical tours with visiting the most attractive places, like guest houses, thematic restaurant and all other secret places where you can find old receipts of Uzbek cuisine. You can create your tour plan by your own tastes, or select one of the standard gastronomical tour programs from our catalogue.

However, the main feature of this proposal is the delicious National cuisine. Our Uzbekistan Gastronomy tours will give you the unique ability both to taste and to cook signature Uzbek dishes. Be ready to the unforgettable dinner with nourishing Plov, Patir Non (Uzbek bread), succulent and spicy shurpa and many other traditional dishes. Moreover, Gastronomy tours to Uzbekistan by Sanat Travel Experts are the unique chance to taste the «pearls» of Uzbek cuisine with highest quality of food and service!