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Archaeology tours to Uzbekistan will be the best choice for those tourists who prefer active rest and interesting historical researches. Sanat Travel Experts provides the most interesting tour offers and planning tour by your budget. We offering the most attractive and famous excavations in Uzbekistan with the whole service «Turnkey» package. Our managers are ready to prepare your tailor made unique Uzbekistan Archaeological tour or propose one of the standard itineraries. Leave us your contacts in the application form below, and we’ll choose the most suitable tour to places of excavations in Uzbekistan due to your wishes and abilities.

Archaeological survey in Uzbekistan

Before planning your Archaeological Adventure in Uzbekistan we offering to observe the most attractive places in the country where excavations are held. We advise you to pay attention to the following sites:

  • Aktepa, Yunus Abad district, which is situated not far from Tashkent;
  • Ming Urik excavations in Tashkent
  • The Fortresses of Ancient Khorezm (Toprak Kala, Ayaz Kala, Kyzyl Kala and other)
  • Kuva ancient town located next to the beautiful Fergana city;
  • Kampyrtepa fortresses and castles not far from Termez, which are dated by the 4th century BC;
  • Ancient settlement of Afrasiab with its Archeological Museum located next to Samarkand;
  • Villages at Nurata Mountains which are existing since the times of Alexander the Great.

Choosing these and many other interesting and attractive sites of the country you will have the best excavation tours to Uzbekistan. Be sure that Sanat Travel Experts managers will do their best to provide you with the most unforgettable visit!