Ancient Turkmenistan – fount of world history!

Turkmenistan is the brilliant heart of Central Asia. Great dynasties of the past left in a legacy magnificent palaces, mosques and caravanserais. The Karakum, the capital of Ashkhabad and the ancient Merv, the footprints of the Jurassic lizards, the sulfur lake Kou-Ata, the legends and secrets of the ancient grottos, the burning Darwaza crater – the “Gates of Hell”, the national parks Repetek, Kugitang and Kopetdag, the horses, carpets and pilaf – all these are inalienable attributes of Turkmenistan tourism.

Useful travel information regarding Turkmenistan

Area: 491200 sq. km.

Capital: Ashkhabad

Large cities: Dashoguz, Turkmenabad, Balkanabad, Mary, Turkmenbashi

Population: more than 5 000000

Religion: Islam

Language: Turkmen

Unit of money: manat

Main features of tourism in Turkmenistan

Here in Turkmenistan is the largest desert in the whole world – Karakum. Black Sands (another name of the desert) stretch along the whole territory of the country. In this regard, the climate of Turkmenistan is very dry.

Tourists are attracted by the disruption of the brilliant cities of the past of almost all known histories of the mighty dynasties of Asia and Persia.

The ancient cities Kunyaurgench, Merv, Nisa, the Silk Road stops, medieval forts and mausoleums is the foundation of the Turkmenistan travel.

Sanat Travel Experts can offer Turkmenistan tours of different directions, namely:

  • Cultural and historical tours;
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  • Excursions for the weekend;
  • Recreational tours on the Caspian coast;
  • Tailor-made tours to Turkmenistan.

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