Picturesque Tajikistan – tourist paradise!

Tajikistan lies in the foothills of the Pamir. Therefore, there is nothing to compare the nature of Tajikistan, which is considered a landmark of Tajik land.

During your Tajikistan tour you will see the deserts similar to the Sahara, and the Alpine meadows, up to the highland glaciers, not inferior to the Himalayan.

General information about Tajikistan:

Area: 143 100 sq. km.

Capital: Dushanbe

Population: approximately 8486300

Religion: Islam

State language: Tajik

Unit of money: somoni

Tajikistan tourism perfectly combines cognitive excursions around Penjikent, Khujand, Istarafshan with breathtaking adventures in the Pamir Mountains. Favorable geographical location allows Tajikistan to offer conditions for recreation for a wide variety of tastes.

Of course, devotees of extreme sports and outdoor activities will be mostly pleased. Mountaineering and trekking tours of Tajikistan in the picturesque Pamir and Fan Mountains are remembered for life.

Speaking about all the amazing benefits of the unique nature of Tajikistan, one should not forget that this country is rich in historical and cultural attractions.

It is certainly worth visiting Khujand, a city that was one of the most famous centers of science and culture in Central Asia.

Sanat Travel Experts, in turn, is happy to offer you Tajikistan tours of different directions and interests. For example, it’s an amazing journey through the Gissar range. It’s not a secret that some people have not heard of the beautiful Iskanderkul and Karakul Lakes. Their waters suggest thoughts about the eternal and infinite, about the problems, which in the everyday bustle are almost never remembered. From the tourist base located on the Iskanderkul Lake, there is a great opportunity to make excursions to the Fan Mountains.

Tours around Tajikistan provided by Sanat Travel Experts:

  • Visiting the ancient cities of Tajikistan – Penjikent, Kulyab, Khujand, Istarafshan, Gissar and others, where one can see archaeological and architectural monuments of the East;
  • Resting in beautiful gorges, on the shores of high-altitude lakes;
  • 4×4 and walking tours in Tajikistan, including visits to nature attractions;
  • ekking of different duration;
  • Sports ascents of various categories;
  • Short hiking routes;
  • Rafting, , mountain skiing;
  • treatment and rest;
  • Individual Tajikistan travel packages

Sanat Travel Experts is pleased to welcome you as a tourist in Tajikistan at any time, but it would be better to make a trip to Tajikistan in fall and spring. In spring, the nature of this country is more than delightful, and the autumn of Tajikistan is a truly velvet season. Thus, Tajikistan at any time of the year is a great place for tourism. Tajikistan is the country that always welcomes guests!