Kyrgyzstan – “Asian Switzerland”

In the north-eastern part of Central Asia the most beautiful country Kyrgyzstan is located.

Kyrgyzstan travel tips:

Location: Northeast of Central Asia

Area: 198,5 sq. km.

Capital: Bishkek

Population: about 5 663100

Religion: Islam, Christianity

Language: Kyrgyz

Monetary unit: som

Tourism in Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan tourism is attractive among travelers, since Kyrgyzstan is a dazzlingly bright sun and fabulous gorges, magnificent sandy beaches with the cleanest air and mild climate. It’s a land of fertile valleys and alpine meadows with the diverse array of flowers; a land of impregnable and snowy passes; the occurrence of the richest thermo-mineral healing springs that give beauty and health.

Kyrgyzstan is famous for its high mountain peaks: Pobeda Peak (7439 m) and Lenin Peak (7134 m). Kyrgyz Inylchek, one of the largest glaciers on the earth, is rightly counted the world “celebrity”.

One of the most scenic and frequently visited places when traveling to Kyrgyzstan is the incredibly beautiful Issyk-Kul Lake. It is also called the “Central Asian Pearl”. The name of the lake means “warm lake”. It is a large and deep highland lake.

During Kyrgyzstan tours travelers can visit the untouched mountain pastures. Summer grasslands or so-called “jailoo” for many years have been arranged by picturesque valleys, gorges on the shores of lakes and meadows. Here, in the distance from the city bustle, surrounded by yurts, inhaling pure mountain air, everyone will feel the unity with nature, will have the opportunity to relax and reload.

Kyrgyzstan can also boast historical and architectural sights, which attract numerous tourists. There are more than 80 thousand of them. During excursions travelers will get acquainted with the rich culture and history that goes back to the past.

Sanat Travel Experts offers tours around Kyrgyzstan of different kinds and ways. These are horse riding tours, mountaineering, fishing, rafting, trekking, as well as classic sightseeing tours of Kyrgyzstan.

Do not hesitate to visit Kyrgyzstan. Take advantage of a trip to Kyrgyzstan from Sanat Travel Experts and capture in your memory only positive and warm moments.