Kazakhstan – the land of ancient civilization!

Kazakhstan is a land of original culture and great historical past. It is nothing surprising that in almost every corner of it tourists can find much amazing for themselves.

As Kazakhstan is the centric state of the Eurasian continent, it represents a peculiar natural complex, incorporating the most impressive forms of the landscape of both parts of the continent.

Tourism in Kazakhstan is perfect because the nature is unique in plenty of landscapes. Snow mountains, chill waters of lakes, luxuriant forests and boundless steppes are attractive on their own account and are the habitat of numerous species of fauna. In order to see all this beauty, it is enough to make a travel to Kazakhstan.

Kazakhstan cities with their unique historical, archaeological and architectural structures, including the invaluable experience of planning and building cities, will also strike you.

The Great Silk Road ran through the immense steppes of Kazakhstan, and these lands are considered the birthplace of many nomadic tribes. In the historical tours in Kazakhstan, you will find out much interesting about ancient Kazakhstan cities and settlements, which were trade stops at those times.

Kazakhstan travel tips:

Location: center of Eurasia

Area: 2 724 000 sq. km.

Capital: Astana (Almaty – second main city of the country)

Population: more than 17 000000

Religion: Islam, Christianity

Language: Kazakh, Russian

Monetary unit: tenge

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