Aral Sea Tours


Uzbekistan Aral Sea tour: visit the place where life is expiring

Sanat Travel Experts provides the tours to one of the most exciting and sorrowful places in the world. Travel to the Aral Sea is a perfect ability to discover the sad beauties of the hugest saltwater lake in the past. Our Uzbekistan Aral Sea tours are the best way to visit the picturesque sandy landscapes of the extinct water basin and to have pleasant time at its less part which is still alive.

Meet the Aral: more than just a natural miracle

Trip to Aral Sea is a perfect occasion to watch the tragedy of a natural unique dying part. This ancient water basin is existing for more than 20 thousand years, but today it is almost dead. Scientists are still trying to find an answer what happened to the Aral Sea. Nowadays the volume of the lake has been reduced by almost four times, and the local ecology has suffered great damage. During the Aral Sea tour you will watch how the flora and fauna have become scanty. Today the place is often called Aralkum, and such names are usually given to sandy deserts.

Nevertheless, the hard situation with the ecology this place is still one of the most attractive in the country. One fourth of the former water resources with the beautiful nature are complemented with the whole range of the handmade sightseeing.

Tours to Aral Sea start from visiting Khiva city and continue to Nukus city. After cultural part we will start main part of a tour, which is 4×4 Aral Sea expedition for 3-5 days, but you can prolong your tour with visiting Bukhara, Samarkand and Tashkent. In this case we will call this tour Great Aral Sea Expedition.

Do not forget to include visiting one of the largest world collections of Russian avant-garde in Savitsky Art Museum. It consists of more than 90000 unique art pieces. Visiting Museum of Savitsky in Nukus city during Aral Sea tour expedition will be a great bonus from Sanat Travel Experts.

There are also some other attractive places you can visit during you Aral Sea trip. First of all, they are various historical and architect monuments. The Mausoleum of Nazluman Sulu, Madrasah Khalfa Erezhep, is one of them. It is situated not far from Nukus. Visiting it you will also watch the ruins of the ancient fortress, which was destroyed during the reign of Genghis Khan.

The other important advantage of travel to Aral Sea is in its water and three-meter layer therapeutic mud salubrity. People trying visit this place because of its healing properties. It should be mentioned that such treatment gives really perfect results. You can see it for yourself if you order one of our tours to Aral Sea.

Sanat Travel Experts Aral Sea tours: our choice

Our Company provides the wide range of tours to Aral Sea with the whole numbers of attractive propositions. Travel with Sanat Travel Experts you will get the ability to choose among various itineraries, transport service, hotels and other specialties. Visiting ship cemetery, Sudochie Lake, ghost port of Muynak, and other places can be either sedan cars, minivans or by comfortable 4×4 cars. Order your Aral Sea tour, and our operator will propose the best program for you, your family and friends!