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Sanat Travel Experts – your reliable tour operator in Uzbekistan!

The company Sanat Travel Experts is happy to welcome you, our friends, colleagues, partners, and all connoisseurs of travel, in the boundless Uzbek land.

Looking at the map of the world, right in the heart of Central Asia you will find Uzbekistan, surrounded by other Central Asian countries. For centuries, neighboring with other Asian countries, the culture of Uzbekistan absorbed all the best. Precisely because Uzbekistan has such interesting neighbors-nationalities, the everyday life of the Uzbek people is so diverse and at the same time unique. Exactly traditions and culture are of interest to tourists choosing tours to Uzbekistan.

Tours to Uzbekistan

Unique historical architectural and natural monuments cause genuine interest among tourists. Such outstanding ancient cities as Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva, Shakhrisabz, Termez, cities of the Ferghana valley are famous worldwide for their unique structures and monuments. And even if you are not a research fellow or a historian, you will still be impressed by the scale and uniqueness of the ancient buildings of Uzbekistan.

Is it worth speaking about picturesque nature of Uzbekistan! Well, it’s worth implicitly, just to mention such natural places as the national parks of the Tian-Shan Mountains, the famous Aral Sea landscapes, the salt Aidar-Arnasai lakes, the fast and treacherous rivers of the Syr Darya and Amu Darya, silent deserts and steppes, the Khoja Gur-Gur ota massif, petroglyphs of Sarmyshsay and much more.

It should be especially noted the unique Uzbek cuisine. You will surely enjoy the amazing Uzbek-style pilaf, which is amazing in its taste and combination. A fragrant shish kebab, melting in the mouth samsa (Uzbek patties), richly shurpa (soup) will not leave you indifferent.

In Uzbekistan, people revere the bread. It is eaten and baked with a special feeling. There are a lot of varieties of Uzbek bread.

There are only naturally-growing fruits, berries and vegetables in Uzbekistan. In summer in the Uzbek bazaars there is an expanse of melons. Travelers really admire Uzbek sweet melons and water-melons which are like honey.

Uzbekistan tours

Take advantage of the proposed tours from Sanat Travel Experts, come to Uzbekistan and you will see and taste all the variety of Uzbek cuisine, which is not just yummy but also natural.

For many years Uzbekistan has been attracting numerous tourists from all sides of the world. The company Sanat Travel Experts is interested in the prestige of the country, and in its turn, does everything to make your leisure or business trip in Uzbekistan with high standard of service.

Since the name of our company literally means “experts in art travel and culture travel”, we do not only organize tours around Uzbekistan by template, but create our own geographical and art projects for our clients and partners in all the Eastern laws of hospitality.

Sanat Travel Experts is a professional inbound tour operator in Uzbekistan. We have started working as a new company from the year 2017. But since 2005 we doing our exciting work and from year to year we receiving a big experience and reputation as a professional tour adviser.

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Advantages of Sanat Travel Experts:

  • More than 10 years’ experience in Central Asian tours
  • Officially certified and licensed service
  • guides with huge practice
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We organize the most qualitative and comfortable tours to Uzbekistan for all touristic characters. Whether you are an extreme person, a fan of photos, a history buff, an art critic or just a seeker of positive new impressions, our Uzbekistan tourism packages will surely draw your attention.

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Sanat Travel Experts will take care your vacation in Uzbekistan. Our staff will also become a loyal friend, adviser and expert, ready to help you in any issue. You need to stock up with positive energy and direct it for obtaining new marvelous emotions.